Affiliate Agreement

Terms & Conditions of Affiliate Programme for The Perfect Touch of Home

These apply to person(s) applying to become an affiliate for The Perfect Touch of Home LTD as part of the affiliate team actively promoting the products. N.B. this is not applicable to Refer a friend participants please see the refer a friend terms and conditions HERE

  1. It is permitted to sell for another company but if it is another homeware or gifts company you MUST make it very clear which company you are promoting on all product posts and NEVER promote another company in the same post as you promote TPTOH. NB. Please check with the other company that they are happy for you to work with them and us as some do not allow it. 
  2. You as affiliates are representing The Perfect Touch of Home and we pride ourselves on consistency, professionalism and respect which we also expect all of our affiliates to adhere to at all times. 
  3. All customers must be provided with an order number and screenshot of the order once placed if you are placing the order on their behalf. The contact email for ourselves must also be given to them to ensure they have a way of contacting us if you are unable to act on their behalf.
  4.  We will not tolerate abusive or inappropriate language or behaviour towards any other affiliate, any of the owners or customers. This may lead to removal from the affiliate program. 
  5.  Customer satisfaction is paramount. Please always treat customers courteously and professionally and keep them updated.
  6. Any issues, concerns or queries you would like to discuss privately please email 
  7.  Any Affiliate in the full programme whose accounts show ZERO website views after the first month will have their account automatically closed.
  8.  Any affiliate with ZERO SALES and below 50 website views in any 3 month period will be contacted to confirm they still wish to be an affiliate for TPTOH.  If they no longer wish to be; their account will be terminated at this point.  If they do still wish to be their account will remain open and we will maintain contact at regular intervals.
  9. Any sales which are refunded for any reason will result in the commission being deducted from the affiliate.  This is an automatic process completed by the back office software as it is standard practice across many affiliate based businesses.
  10.  All new Affiliate registrations are subject to approval by the ownership team and no sign-up fee will be taken until the new Affiliate has been contacted by us.
  11. Sign-up fees are non-refundable once paid.
  12. Only once approved by the ownership team and the sign-up fee has been paid will the new affiliate be accepted into the program. 
  13. The minimum age for affiliates is 18 years old due to the terms of regulations for the sale of alcohol.
  14.  Any Affiliate who chooses to leave the program or who is removed from the program will be paid what is owed in commission on the next payment cycle due regardless of the amount.
  15. by agreeing to these terms please note you are not employed by The perfect touch of home and therefore you are responsible for declaring your own income and filing your own tax returns as necessary.